Schools and Hospitals/HealthCare

 Mdis Limited is a highly professional cleaning company that caters for establishment such as schools and hospitals. Our schools cleaning team are practically second to none as we are poised to give students and teachers cleaner teaching and learning environment for all and sundry to enjoy. We believe the success enjoyed in this sphere is directly or indirectly correspondent with the state of the environment.


Being a professional cleaning service, we are able to provide a custom-made service to Convalescent Homes, Hospices and Hospitals. Because with us, we beleive that with great care comes great responsibility that is why we ensure all our staff undergo training which includesinfection control and relevant specialist skills training.


Being fully compliant with the national specifications for cleanliness in the NHS 2007, at MDIS we know how important it is for Hospitals/Healthcare to be kept clean. Therefore, we use the best Hospital cleaning products and fully trained staff to pomote hygiene. This ensures we are always working with our clients to adopt the British Standard for Cleanliness in Healthcare facilities.i tlMe

We got what we paid for and more...... The staff are punctual and work to details.....

                                                                                                                                                   Wendy Sutherland

                                                                                                                                                   Head Teacher

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